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Old 03-01-2011, 07:40 PM
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Default Clipping nails HELP

Ok, so this isn't about Art or Bear, I dremell their nails. But my friends big 110lb mutt dog is absolutely TERRIFIED over the dremel! I mean to the point where I've tried using treats and taking it very slow, not even turning the thing on, and he will run and pee if it get's anywhere near him.

If I turn it on he pooed himself! That's how stressed out he is. problem is he is almost just as sensative about touching his feet at all. I tried using just a nail clipper, and I was finally able to get him held still after a LOT of struggle (this dog weighs just as much as me) and his nails where so big/hard I had to use both arms to cut one nail. After the nail went "click" and was cut off he freaked out! Apparently he is terrified of the clicking sound. They said they cut their nails and he freaks out and runs and hides.

His nails NEED to be cut so badly! They are so long they've started curling under and splays his toes out when he walks. He is really not in the best of health, and they don't want to do anesthesia as he didn't react too well with it when he was neutered and he is just so old anyways.

So now it's basically a matter of finding a way to calm him somehow or letting him be very uncomfortable with huge nails as he slips around and twists his already aching spine and joints.

Oh, I did clip all the hair under his paw pads so he doesn't slip as bad, but with all wood floors his nails are making it very difficult for him.

Any help?
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