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Old 02-28-2011, 09:41 PM
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Originally Posted by corgipower View Post
I have no rose colored glasses.

I have never said that spay/neuter shouldn't be done with rescues, and I do believe that if someone can't be responsible enough to prevent puppies they shouldn't own an intact dog.

But that doesn't mean I won't advocate for the use of leashes, fences and training. Maybe if more people did that as loudly as they say dogs should be surgically sterilized, the message would actually get somewhere? I have nothing to lose in trying.

But then again, if someone is irresponsible enough that they're dog is running loose creating puppies, or if they're irresponsible enough that should an accident happen they just dump mom and pups at the shelter, then maybe they shouldn't own a dog at all.

Honestly, pediatric spay and neuter makes me a bit (or more than a bit) queasy. It makes me keep thinking of an ad saying "Speutero in Utero coming soon to a clinic near you"

But I'm more sick of listening to people (rescues being the main culprits around me) spout on and on about all the health benefits of spaying and neutering without ever mentioning anything that might be a negative or a risk and making it sound like your dog is going to:

A-Become a cancerous mass of tumors just because s/he still has his balls or uterus
B-Pee on everything that looks like it might think about existing
C-Start fights with every single dog in that it comes across and attack humans at random and
D-Impregnates (or becomes pregnant) just by having their reproductive organs intact

I don't like propaganda and misconceptions being spread like that and how hard you have to dig to find unbiased information. I don't like the the general public being made to feel like villains for not wanting to surgically alter their dog. How it's become something to be "fixed". How people are made to feel like they have no choice but to do that because no one can handle a dog as they come.
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