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Old 10-24-2010, 12:02 AM
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Originally Posted by MaryAndDobes View Post
You breed one litter of dogs and it has your kennel name on it, and technically you have just established a "name". IMO, all it takes to establish a good name is to breed quality dogs, period. You could do that in one litter!

A friend of mine bred her first litter, and it contained a stunning dog that set the ring on fire (and a couple of champion littermates as well), was a quality producer and people flocked to breed to him. It took one litter to establish herself as a breeder of quality.

Quality, not quantity.
Well that's kind of what I was trying to get at - if the dog(s) out there winning then you're going to be something, make something of your kennel.
You could produce hundreds a year and they could be crap and not do you have a "reputation" or have made a "name for yourself", but it's a negative one then.
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Old 01-25-2011, 02:14 AM
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It also really depends on how many people you have caring for the dogs. Some breeders I know have 3 generation families that help handle, care for, train, breed so in that case something like 30 dogs is acceptable. Plus often a few of those dogs aren't living with the breeder because they are being titled in another state or country.

I think if you have enough help, space and resources, having something like 40 small dogs is not a huge deal provided that not all 40 are breeding dogs because there are retired dogs and at least some of them maybe 10 at a time aren't living with them because they're being campaigned somewhere else or living at another kennel for breeding purposes.
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Old 01-28-2011, 02:28 PM
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I would NEVER breed that many litters. That is ridiculous. You don't need to breed that many litters to establish anything. I can't even comprehend what that means. I could go ten years without breeding and still be an "established breeder;" After all, my lines are still out there, and I'd have frozen semen stored.
If someone is breeding ten litters a year (or even 5 litters a year), they are not breeding for quality, but for quantity, IMO. The amount of research it takes to understand what is in the background of your dog -- that can takes years. So how do you intend on doing years of research on 10 different females and all of the males you are breeding them to, if you are new to the breed and trying to "establish" your kennel name?? That's insane. It takes ONE litter to have a kennel name; Heck ,you don't even need a litter. I registered my kennel name several years before I bred my first litter. You "establish" yourself by breeding dogs with good temperaments, sound structure, and good health.
And championships don't mean much. Trying to breed as many champions as you can is fun, but it doesn't mean your dogs are of good quality. I can look at a Belgian pedigree full to the brink with champions and tell you that some had epilepsy, most were epilepsy producers, some had pannus or produced it, many had or produced awful temperaments, and many (most, it seems these days), had very poor structure.

I would never go to a breeder that bred that many litters. There is a serious lack of quality care if you have that many dogs and puppies. No one can give them the attention they need. That is why I give away some puppies on co-own. That way they can have the attention they deserve but I can still have access to them.

Yes, back in the day things were different. It was normal for dogs to live in huge kennel buildings and be taken care of by kennel workers. Most also got to be worked or trained on a daily basis. This isn't the norm anymore... With all of the competition we recieve from BYB's and pupy mills, most reputable breeders don't have the money to have vast amounts of dogs, hire kennel workers, and STILL have enouh money for quality food and care. It just doesn't happen. I can see myself having 7 or 8 dogs, but even then they won't get near the amount of attention my dogs get now.
~Jordan and the Uniquity Belgians
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