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Old 01-20-2011, 12:37 PM
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Default If you can help

I have stayed in contact with Save Our Strays, the org that is responsible for saving Victor. She recently sent out emails asking anyone that could to please help in any way. I wrote her and asked permission to post this here.

I am going to piece meal the emails so I hope it will not be confusing.

Please find attached photos taken today at Macís house, January 15th, 2011.


It is difficult for me to tell if some of these female dogs are pregnant (see #3081) or if they hang low from the stomach area from having so many litters over the years. Some of them are pregnant just a short time, because weíve seen them hooked up with males several times in the past two weeks.

It may be difficult to catch some of these dogs, particularly the smaller ones, but several of us from the Humane Society are going out tomorrow to catch as many as we can. Dr. Elliott is on call to take them to his office after we catch them.

As you can see, there are several hound females. In the back, there is also a solid brown female who looks like sheíll have pups any minute. It was too dark to get her photo by the time I got all the way to the back. One of the small black and white dogs is also very pregnant. Some of the others may or may not be Ė itís hard for me to tell.

There are about five or six smaller dogs (see #3083). Only one is pregnant for sure, a black and white one. Also in #3083 the pointy eared brown and white dog (right of the other brown and white dog) is 90% blind. #3089 doesnít seem to be pregnant right now.

There are many of the light tan Mountain Cur dogs. #3095 and #3096. I canít get to them without disassembling the pens, but the males and females are mixed, so who knows?

If Tails can take any of them, please let me know. These dogs are in appalling conditions and nobody out there is spayed or neutered, so all of the females are at risk. I can be sure that at least three are showing pregnancy and probably five or six more are on the way.

With luck, weíll have a good number of the captured by this time tomorrow. Let me know what Tails can take.

By my count there were 11 adults dogs and six puppies. Puppies were born January 15th, according to Mac. I have also included a picture of two wonderful Yellow Lab puppies dropped at Dr. Elliottís earlier in the week, in case Tails would be interested in them. They had first round of shots last Tuesday, Jan 11th.

Dr. Elliott will vaccinate and worm all of the adults before they will be transported.

The situation these dogs came from was very repulsive and filthy (see attachment ďUgly situation Ö.Ē), and many of these dogs have spent their whole lives at Macís. Amazingly, not one of these dogs snapped or growled at us when we rescued them. I am surprised, but I donít believe one dog will have to be euthanized. Mac does love them, but heís completely unable to take care of them financially or physically any longer. He was taking water to them twice a week, because without rain water thatís all he could afford.

I believe several of these females are in heat. I rescued either one or two males because we needed their pens to catch the females and we were afraid to let them go loose. Doc can tell me more tomorrow after he examines them.

Let me know what Beth decides. I could take them toward the end of the week. Iím a little worried about the newborns, and every day that goes by gives them a better chance of doing well on the long drive----


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