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Old 01-11-2011, 11:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Saeleofu View Post
Okay, I take it back. This dog shouldn't be in school, or anywhere else. This is an UNALTERED BITCH and is now in heat. Awesome

There are no words. What reputable organization would place an unaltered bitch as a service dog with a CHILD!?!


This actually kinda makes me want to cry. Strider is still intact. I was worried about whether he'd be able to work while Kaia is in season, and ready to swoop in and have his huevos amputated if it affected his ability to work, because she is staying intact.

She's two days into standing heat as of today. He has been a PERFECT ANGEL. No whining, no fussing, no marking, no not listening. Honestly, he's been much more attentive and obedient, in that he jumps to obey commands faster than usual. He's done his alerts perfectly, even with her whining and flagging in the next room. Moxie suggested that maybe he thinks if he listens super well, I'll let him have her. When I expressed my worries to the trainer that mentored us, she laughed and said that if we keep him intact we'll only be working with half his brain at any given time and so far that had been plenty. When he's around a girl in season, only a quarter, but that he was a smart enough dog a quarter would be plenty. So far she is right.

It probably helped that we dragged him down to Moxie's place and put him in a downstay while having the leashed collie bitches jump over him while they were in heat.
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