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Old 12-22-2010, 01:41 PM
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Default Huskies anyone?

I love huskies. Am thinking of getting one someday!
Is it true they aren't as affectionate and attention demanding as compared to other breeds? o.o
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Old 12-22-2010, 03:26 PM
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There was another thread very similar to this that you could look at for answers! Feel free to ask any other specific questions though if you can't find your answers here:

But to answer your question, I've found in my own personal experience (I've had two huskies) that my Huskies were just as affectionate as if not more affectionate than any other breed! My huskies loved to cuddle on the couch, loved rubs and pets, never met a stranger, and were HUGE people dogs.

They can however be aggressive/deadly to other animals unless EXTENSIVELY socialized with other dogs, cats, small animals, etc.

I personally know someone with two huskies AND a german shepherd who are 100% reliable with their cat, guinea pig, rabbit, and bird.

However, my first husky killed several cats, and other small animals, and my second husky killed my hamster, and probably would've killed any cats/small animals it could've gotten a hold of. Neither were raised with or socialized with cats or other small animals.

My first husky was VERY picky about dogs she got along with, and did get in some fights. She was not socialized with other dogs. My second husky however was socialized with several different dogs of different sizes, and never was in a fight, and was good with almost all dogs (I only ever saw her aggress toward ONE other dog, but nothing serious happened).
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Old 12-22-2010, 04:25 PM
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Originally Posted by ~Dixie's_Mom~ View Post
...However, my first husky killed several cats...
Same here. My first Siberian killed cats and tried to gnaw through our goat's neck. The only reason he didn't was that I got to him in time to stop him (I was a couple of steps behind him). He also broke through 2 screen doors, totally destroyed a kennel, and, one of the times he went through a screen door, he ended up at the neighbor's farm chasing their sheep. Neither he nor the Siberian/GSD mix we had was snuggly. Although, that could have been because of how they were raised (both came to me as adults- the purebred at almost 2, the mix at 7). The mix was wonderful with cats and small critters, as long as he knew they belonged on our property. If a stray cat came into the yard, he'd chase it off, but that was it. He did kill mice, etc and leave them for me to find, tho. He was a good dog. His idea of cuddling was to sit near you- within patting distance.
My oldest son and his wife adopted a wonderful adult/senior Siberian about 8 years ago. Lucky loved to snuggle, and was a very sweet, gentle guy (he died almost 3 years ago). I absolutely love Siberians. We have thought about getting another one. Maybe one day we will, but not until we have a totally fenced in yard.
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Old 12-30-2010, 05:34 PM
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Beautiful dogs!!!! Very smart but cheeky!
I've had 4 huskies from all different owners stay with us. For some reason all their names started with K??!!
They were all very good at escaping. One did get out and killed 2 chickens. They were talkers. LOTS of endurance. they can go all day. They were affectionate but only when they wanted to be. With me anyways they could be different with their owners. They're sort of **** disturbers. I can't really pinpoint it: they never started fights but them seemed to be around when a quarrel started. they were all pullers on the leash. A lot of people think this is a husky trait but I have seen one at an obedience trial heeling beautifully. I think it could be accomplished. Very clean. they remind me of cats in their movements.
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huskies, husky

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