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Old 12-28-2010, 06:03 PM
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Default Please please help!!!

I have recently moved in with my girlfriend. She has a 6 year old golden retriever-collie mix named Cobe.
Cobe has MANY problems its hard to know where to start with him.
He is generally a VERY friendly dog to humans. He is terrified and generally uninterested in any dogs bigger than a dachsund. But with smaller dogs he will socializeHe lives in a 2 story condiminium with a small patio in the back. He is allowed anywhere in the house including upstairs (before I moved in he slept in my girlfriends room). Because of our jobs Cobe does spend most of the day inside the house or patio (roaming freely as we leave the backdoor open for him). If he is left outside with the door closed he goes bizerk barking and jumping on the doors. If we leave our bedroom door open while out, Cobe always gets onto it messing it up and attempting to mate with our pillows. He also gets into the trash frequently and will jump onto the counters during the night to eat certain things. And we know CObe knows what he is doing is wrong because sometimes we will come home and he will be cowering somewhere and then we will find something he has done after that. And when his master, my girlfriend, punishes him he growls at her and refuses to back down.
Since I have moved in he has biten my girlfriend and I.
Girlfriend-had Cobes paws on her shoulders and their faces close and totally in a loving way. Out of nowhere Cobe nipped her nose and she was left with a ER visit and a 0.5" scar.
Me-had a repairman over so in order to have the repairman relaxed I took Cobe outside on a leash. As soon as Cobe saw the man walking into the house he barked like crazy and struggled with me and eventually reared back and bit my hand wil where it bled. He got loose and barked right at the terrified repairman. I then took him by the collar to take him outside and leave him. Cobe reared back and bit me again in the hand, i fell over and he then bit my foot and shook it like he would do with a toy. This was maybe 2 months ago.
Then just recently Cobe was barking at someone outside and I got up to tell him to hush and he immediatley came at me and grabbed my foot and shook it violently. If I hadnt had shoes on it would have been very bad.
I have told my girlfriend many many times that the dog needs to be euthanized before anything else happens. Being her dog and companion for 6 years, she is in denial.
We have tried to find a farm or something for him as well, but knowing his aggresive history I dont think its a good idea.
I`m looking for ANY help I can get to resolve this situation.
Thanks so much!
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