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Old 11-17-2010, 01:32 AM
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Default Logan's Training Progress

So last week and this week, we went to our rally trainer's place and did down-stays while there were obedience classes going on. This is in preparation of tomorrow, when I get to take Logan with me to see Les Mis (not live, rebroadcast 25th anniversary concert in a movie theatre). Dogs are his BIGGEST distraction right now, so it's great for him to be on a stay where other dogs are running around, training, doing agility, etc.

Last week his did all right. He was a little fidgety and repositioned himself many times, but it was still a decent stay considering all the distractions. I don't expect a dog on a long, long down-stay to remain perfectly still. I think I'd die if I had to remain perfectly still for 3 hours, so I don't expect my dog to either. Getting up, repositioning, and laying back down on occasion is okay with me for longer down stays. Anyway, last week we did 1 hour, took a 10 minute break, then did another hour. He didn't make noise (whining is my biggest concern, because he does sometimes whine when he's bored), but he was clearly highly distracted.

This week...OMG HE WAS AWESOME!!!! He stayed under my legs the entire time. Never got up. Never made a sound. He did roll from one hip to the other a few times, getting comfortable, and that's absolutely fine with me. But he was **** near PERFECT. With EIGHT DOGS running around! Even when the other dogs barked or were playing he was great. We did a full 2 hours, no break between the two hour classes. And he knew several of the dogs in the second class from rally/playing/CGC/etc.

To top it all off, I had an email conversation with my rally trainer about SDs, SDiTs, and training/behavior standards. She is fortunately educated about SD laws, and she was concerned when I told her we were going to see Les Mis and I wanted to practice down-stays because she knows Logan is still an SDiT, and they don't have access rights in Kansas without prior permission. I have written permission that I can bring Logan, got it weeks ago - before I ever bought my ticket. We're staying in a dog-friendly hotel for simplicity's sake, and because Motel 6 is cheap ($35!) and reliably clean and friendly. It was SO NICE to see someone actually aware of the laws, and making sure others are aware. And she told me it was nice to see someone aware of the laws, and intending to follow them. Anyway, tonight after our 2 hour stay she sent me this email:

Logan is exceptionally well behaved. It is hard to believe that he is still a pup, too. Great job training him!!


I'm SO happy with Logan! We're going to go see Les Mis tomorrow, and then Thursday work a little on public access before we head him (assuming ther'es no bad weather). He's such an awesome dog!
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