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Old 08-30-2010, 07:19 PM
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I recommend you stop putting your dog on the defensive by grabbing her muzzle, making slapping sounds, which serve to make a dog nervous, growling at her or any other intimidating techniques you see Cesar Milan doing. Dogs do not undestand this kind of behavior from humans. All it does is erode their trust in you and cause fear. This will almost certainly cause aggression.

I second getting a professional positive reinforcement type trainer to evaluate whether this is a defensive agression or a rowdy, wild puppy that hasn't learned to inhibit herself at all. There are ways to teach, but I strongly recommend against any kind of punishing, challenging, dominating tactics on any dog, but especially on a puppy. You can learn a lot here, on the Internet and in some great books about how to raise a great dog. Hope you stick around and ask lots of questions. First get someone who really knows dogs to tell you what she/he thinks is going on. Please steer clear of Cesar Milan types who rely on pack theory and "alpha" this and that. It is irrelevant to domestic dogs and causes you to miss out on some real training techniques.
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Old 08-30-2010, 08:16 PM
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yes, stop challenging the dog back, all that will do is anger him further so unless you are prepared to REALLY hurt the dog, all you'll accomplish is making things worse for you. My uncle came over (he beats his dogs for bad behavior) and when Tucker bit him uncle swatted him (much to my horror) and Tucker came flying back at him and bit him harder. All uncle did was rile him up further. Yes I'm sure if he inflicted some serious pain on the dog he'd stop trying to play bite him but what sort of person does that? Plus, then you'd risk getting yourself a dog who bites defensively, after all he's playing with you and you suddenly attack him, in his world it's totally uncalled for and he will feel the need to keep himself safe from you and your attacks on him the only way he knows how, with his teeth.

It is really important to find out what sort of issue it is before treating it. If it's aggression and you treat it as play it's not going to get you anywhere and vice versa. I would keep him out of your daughter's room though, it's possible he's guarding it. If she doesn't want to keep her door shut use a baby gate, either one she can climb over or one that opens like a door so she can easily get in and out.

I don't beliueve in any of the alpha dominance things so I do not believe your dog is fighting your daughter for some sort of ranking. There may be something about your daughter's behavior that ilicits the dog's reaction. Could be the way she moves or even a high pitched voice that excites him. I know our puppy bites my brother more than me because he is nervous so his movements are slightly jerky and hesitant, the pup knows if he bites my brother will try dodging and wiggling and pushing and yelling and all this other super fun stuff where as I will get up and walk away silently.

Your pup looks like he may have some terrier in him, they like to play rough, they like to chase things, and they are super spunky, determined dogs. So there will be a difference between a Terrier mix and a Brittany even in something like play.

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