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Old 08-30-2010, 07:19 PM
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I recommend you stop putting your dog on the defensive by grabbing her muzzle, making slapping sounds, which serve to make a dog nervous, growling at her or any other intimidating techniques you see Cesar Milan doing. Dogs do not undestand this kind of behavior from humans. All it does is erode their trust in you and cause fear. This will almost certainly cause aggression.

I second getting a professional positive reinforcement type trainer to evaluate whether this is a defensive agression or a rowdy, wild puppy that hasn't learned to inhibit herself at all. There are ways to teach, but I strongly recommend against any kind of punishing, challenging, dominating tactics on any dog, but especially on a puppy. You can learn a lot here, on the Internet and in some great books about how to raise a great dog. Hope you stick around and ask lots of questions. First get someone who really knows dogs to tell you what she/he thinks is going on. Please steer clear of Cesar Milan types who rely on pack theory and "alpha" this and that. It is irrelevant to domestic dogs and causes you to miss out on some real training techniques.
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