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Old 08-19-2010, 12:12 AM
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Frodo does/used to do the barking thing when people wanted to meet him out on walks, acting like an asshat and scaring people. We did A LOT of watching me instead of focusing on the people, to the point where when Silke tried to get him to say hi to her at first he would just sit and stare at me Obviously too much as now it's harder for me to work on him targeting people.

Anywho, what we work on now is targeting the person as a way to say hello. It allows Frodo to interact with people while at the same time he is more focused on me than them because it is a behavior that he gets rewarded from me for. Eventually other people have started rewarding him.
FWIW, Frodo generally doesn't meet people out in public. I don't allow people I don't know to pet him and he for the most part really doesn't seem to mind. He loves people that come to the house, but he's never going to be a social butterfly and I don't think it's necessary for him to meet people out on walks, etc.

I would start with people Blaze knows (family members, friends, etc.) until he has the targeting of the hand (or leg, foot, whatever) down pat and then start trying it out with strangers.

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Old 08-19-2010, 05:40 AM
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Does this only happen at home? Collies are really farmyard dogs and shepherds - they are supposed to alert the yard to a stranger coming into the territory before they greet them. He is just doing his job

If it is a problem, I have seen people who simply practice with a few friends, and get them to ring the doorbell again and again. When the door rings, you get up and open it. Your dog will do the normal bark, and gets ignored for it. The door shuts, maybe a mild "No!" and you sit back down. Repeat a lot of times - your collie will eventually get bored. If he walks up with you quietly, give him a reward and let him greet the stranger. Walking up quietly will be much more rewarding than barking.

I never tried this myself, but I have seen it done on TV and it seems sensible enough. Personally, I like a dog to tell me there is someone coming, and I don't mind if it seems a little intimidating, as long as they are friendly once they come in.
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Old 08-19-2010, 07:21 AM
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Ozzy does the same thing -at home. He ignores people in public. He's very friendly on our property if he's been introduced to them by myself or a member of my family that he trusts.

He did it in public as a pup, but he grew out of it with time. Sorry I can't be more help :/
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Old 08-19-2010, 11:05 PM
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Originally Posted by ihartgonzo View Post
Border Collies do tend to get fearful with approaching people. They are not supposed to be a stranger's best friend, though! Lots of them also have submissive urination issues. The best way to cure it is to make meeting people very low key. Ask people not to use an exciting voice, pet him, or even look at him when first meeting him. Give them a treat to offer him, and ask them to kneel sideways to him and gently pet him. Make meeting people a happy, positive, unthreatening experience. Only allow him to meet people when he's calm... if he's barking, redirect him and walk him away, then practice focusing on you and "look at that" from afar. Try again once he has calmed down.

I would arrange for him to be placed in a more low-traffic area next time, ask for a sign to be hung on his door instructing the employees to toss Blaze a treat every time they pass, and ask that he gets extra playtimes every day. I have cured several dogs of kennel aggression (toward people and other dogs) by simply throwing them treats when I walk by. They begin to look forward to people/dogs passing by and sitting quietly for a treat, rather than flipping out,

Well, it doesn't generally happen when he's next to me. He's fine meeting people, very happy wiggle butt. My problem is when I might be down stairs at the door, letting a person in, and he'll come running down the stairs (alone) when he hears their voice barking like he's going to rip an arm off then stop when he sees them and he goes into 'omg person, yayayay!' mode. It's just like a 180 turn in attitude. Y'know? I'm not sure how to fix the behavior because it only presents itself when he's by himself, and never happens when he's with me.

I guess I could try having a person come in, then letting Blaze come running down barking, grab him before he gets near the person and walk away. Then come walk back in in a more calm manner.

That is a splendid idea about the kennel problems, though! I think I'll definitely mention that and bring a few treats along the next time he has to stay at the vet.

Also, for reference. He has zero problems with doorbells, knocking, etc. Doesn't phase him at all.

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