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Old 06-30-2010, 06:20 PM
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Default Bite inhibtion help!

Ok so I have been trying some suggestions from that thread I made about a landshark named Mori (who was adopted btw by previous adopters who wanted a friend for their dog. ) with a certain other dog who is on the line I do most of the time. Her name is Legacy, she is Middie-sized (about 35lbs), and has some terrier mixed in her someplace. Legacy mouths/jumps like crazy, and when I go to let her out I make sure to have a rubber tire toy with me, and I throw it so that she doesn't launch herself at me going 100mph. And we play tug with it. But what I REALLY want to teach her, is bite inhibition! With some dogs, I do this by playing bitey hands with them, but I can't do this with Legacy if I want to keep my fingers!

I have started keeping the gate to Legacy's run between herself and me, because if she gets herself worked up, she can get into a frenzy of growling and mouthing and grabbing my legs/arms/clothes and its PAINFUL. If I keep the gate between us, I can almost close myself against the run next to hers, and its a nice "fence" between me and the Little Black Landshark, and it makes her stop because I "go away". The other thing she does is, when we are playing tug with the tire toy, Legacy will work her mouth around the toy toward my hand, and sometimes gets my hand, and OUCH. I really want to find good ways to teach dogs that this behavior is NOT the right way to play, and make the time I can spend with Legacy less painful!

I love my Little Black Landshark to death (she's really very sweet and cuddly when she isn't sinking her teeth into you), but sometimes she can really be a pushy little bitch! lol
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