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Old 06-12-2010, 02:26 PM
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Default Barking at a Barrier

Grimm has suddenly decided that he is cock of the walk. He's medium sized, and can really be in either the big or small side at daycare, so I've been rotating him away from whatever side I work on so he can improve his skills with my coworkers. In general, he's a love ***** who gets along well with everyone. A little shy at first still, but he does come up to them without coaxing, expecially if they have food.
There is a dutch door, that seperates the small dog hallway from the yart. The top is usually open, so the staff can hear the intercom. Grimm has taken to puting his front paws on the door and barking like a fool at whoever enters the hallway. It's loud, and scary sounding, though I don't think he means any harm. If the person (always a staff member, customers are not allowed in that area) actually comes out into the yard, or even reaches out to pet him, he's fine and allows them to touch, no problems.
Issue two: He's also started talking back to my coworkers. He was attempting to dig a hole yesterday, and a coworker called his name loudly to distract him. He turned around and ran up the deck at top speed, away from her, then barked twice from the top. His tail was wagging at the time, and he seemed to think it was a game. Then he came laid down and went to sleep. When she came up, he was fine with her again.
Are either one of these things something to worry about? I don't want him to become aggressive at a barrier. It's almost like he's doing some teenage testing, but he is almost two years old. Could it be because he was shelter raised, and I am the first home he has ever had, that he is going through the teenager stage late?
He is still a foster, so I need to be very alert for red flags in his behavior.

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Old 06-13-2010, 01:34 PM
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Both instances, to me anyway, seem like it is more of a dog that is having a good time and doesn't know his rules than a dog that is being aggressive. So yes, I would say "teenager-y" behavior.

If Chloe is confined and she wants to go see a person (or us) she will bark. And bark. And bark. And not shut up. It is distinctly different from her warning bark and it has a completely different meaning. When she does her happy/excited barks her body language is completely different when compared to her warning barks as well.
Happy barks = happy tail, relaxed eyes, bouncing up and down, wagging butt, open mouth, etc. The barks are also more high pitched and yappy sounding.
Warning barks = erect tail, ears at alert, stiff body, mouth pushed forward, intense gaze. The barks are deeper and raspier, and are also more "woofy" than yappy.

So for your first issue, I'd pay more attention to how he is barking (happy or warning) and then go from there.

The second issue sounds like he was just happy that someone was paying attention to him. He viewed the "scolding" as wonderful, wonderful attention and then attempted to play. Again, I'd take a look at body language more so than just him barking.
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Old 06-15-2010, 04:14 AM
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mY mini schnauzer also barks a lot...i know there breed can be very barky but sometimes its just too we sometimes put him in an closed room so the bark will not be as that ok?
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Old 06-15-2010, 07:26 AM
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Originally Posted by kimmy.doglover View Post
mY mini schnauzer also barks a lot...i know there breed can be very barky but sometimes its just too we sometimes put him in an closed room so the bark will not be as that ok?
What does he bark at? People walking down the street? Other animals outside the window? Noises? or does he just bark at nothing specific but just to hear his own voice?
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