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Old 10-07-2005, 11:43 AM
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Default Im going Irish with names

I always want my puppies to have different names. Names you don't always hear or see everyday. Being Irish/Italian I figured why not just give a whole litter Irish names? Not that i havent named a pup or two an Irish or Italian name but never a whole litter. And so here are the names im considering that I like the best. Tell me which ones you like best.

Female names I like

Ailbhe- it can be male or female really I just like how it sounds and it means white or world king.
Aine- which means delight or pleasure
Aodhamair- which means litte Abbot
Aoibheann (OB awn) - which means Radiance or Beauty
Bláthín - which means little flower
Bríghid- means High goddess
Caoimhe- beauty or grace
Ceara- fiery red
Ciar- black
Dáirinn- daughter of Fionn
Easnadh- Musical Sound
Feme - young woman
Fianait- wild creature
Fionnait- fair haired
Fionúir- ghost or spirit
Grian- sun goddess
Íonait- faithful
Maon- Silent
Meadhbh- she who intoxicates
Moncha- from the Celtic Goddess Monica
Muirín- born of the sea
Muirne- High Spirited
Neasa- not gentle
Órlaith- golden princess

Male names I like

Ailill- means elf
Breasal- brave or strong in conflict
Brion- noble or high
Brocc- badger or sharp faced
Conall- strong as a wolf
Labhraidh- Speaker
Laoidheach- songful or poetic
Maolán- warrior
Miach- honorable or Proud
Nuadha- Cloud Maker
Oisín- Little Deer
Onchú - fierce Hound
Scolaí- town crier
Uallgarg- feirce pride

I picked these names based on the breed chracter and its appearence. I will not decided who will be named what until the puppies are born. But if i could get a top 10 or top 20 list together that would help alot. Ok so if you have any opinions on the future litter of puppies names go ahead and tell me .

Pets name: Chaos

Pets name: Blue Moon

Pets name: Cajun

Pets name: Smoothie

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