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Old 01-15-2005, 11:15 PM
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Default I have a story

It's not dog-related so I'll put it here.

Last night, actually early this morning, my bf and I woke up to the sounds of the dogs and cats fighting and a weird hissing noise. Ok. I'll tell the truth. I slept through it and my bf got me up.

So, anyway, all bleery-eyed and without my glasses I try and peer where he's pointing and all I see is a blurr of motion. "Look, Look," he says, grabbing my head and directing my line of vision. I think 'that's not going to help, I'm half blind, Cranking my head all over isn't going to improve my site.'

Anyway, I put my glasses on and see ...


no not a rat


A ferret! No, ferrets are not a part of my large, furry family. Although they apparently want to be.

He/she has dark eyes and a white body with a grey tip on her tail. She was quite small. I'll call her a her unless I learn differently.

My bf puts on some thick gloves and she actually isn't that afraid. She held her own with the cats/dogs and when he put his hand down she sniffed the leather. She tried to bite him though when he went to grab her. I got a box which she ran into and out of very quickly. They are fast little buggers!

And after a few laps around the room which included running across my bed she jumped into a drawer and went back into the walls.

We live in a trailer. It's less than ideal but it's a transition place until I get a little more out of debt. And since we've moved here I've heard a scampering sound. I always thought it was the squirrel that eats at the feeder outside of my window. But now I know it was this ferret. My cat Mini whose quite a little acrobatic hunter has always heard this noise and tracked the sound around the walls and frequently sits on the highest shelf where she can hear it best.

The odd thing is that black-footed ferrets are the only ferret native to this region and they are endangered. At least that's what I've discovered from spending the day on the net reading about ferrets. And that white ferrets with dark eyes are a colour quite commonly found.

I don't know if it's possiblet that this is a wild ferret or an escaped pet. There aren't a lot of homes around here and I don't know if I've seen ferrets at the pet store (I hate going there).

It's possible that previous tenants had a ferret but we've been hear since October and this ferret doesn't look fully grown. She's probably about 7 inches long (if that) and very skinny.

What do you think? How should I catch it? I don't want it running around the house because they are carnivorous and they terrorize bunnies (I have three).

Weird, eh?
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