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Old 05-17-2010, 01:17 PM
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Default Attachment issues?

I don't know if this is a serious concern or warning sign or not - again my experience with dogs is limited to our older dog.

My 10 month old pup seems to be REALLY attached to me. Not saying it's a bad thing, my hopes had been that she'd turn into my dog unlike with our older dog where we don't even acknowledge each other unless needed.

Now, she'll follow me everywhere I go including into the bathroom. She has to see me almost constantly. She's currently curled up under my computer desk. When I get up, she's instantly up and following me. If I sit/lie on the couch she's right there at my feet. If I go outside for a minute her face is squished up against the window watching.
When I took her up to the farm for her "special" day, even my friend commented about how attached (she said "loyal") she was to me as she'd follow me everywhere even the 20 feet from the barn to the tack room. When riding my friend had to keep her close to her as she'd try to tag along with me. While my horse is great around dogs I didn't want her to get used to following closely to a horse.

And just last night she came with me over to my brother's house for a dinner. The living room is attached to the dining room but the dining room is on hardwood flooring, the living room was on carpet. I was at the dining room table playing cards and she was at the edge of the carpet watching me. She has an issue with hardwood flooring and won't walk on it. So she sat at the carpet's edge and whined, whined and cried while looking at me. We tried to wait it out and just let her get over the fact she couldn't get to me but after about 20-25 minutes nothing changed. I gave up cards and went into the living room and sat down on a chaise, where she promptly ran over and greeted me excitedly before crawling up onto the chaise and curled up around me. If I got up, she'd be right there beside this.

This episode has prompted me to question if this is a problem or if I should just be happy that she's bonded that well with me.
When left alone in the house she's fine and has never been destructive. If others are home and I leave she'll whine for a minute or two and then just settle down, and then greet me wildly when I get home.
When I tie her to a fence/pole/tree when I need to go into a store, she very quietly lays down and waits - she often gets compliments on how well behaved and quiet she is about that.

Sorry if it the answer seems really obvious, my dog experience is very limited beyond our current 2 dogs.
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