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Old 11-29-2003, 08:14 PM
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Default hey there ^^

hi! m'name's Amber, and i'm a fourteen year old Canadian who is owned by her pets, but aren't we all?

we had a Boxer for about a year and a half before she died from liver failure, that was October 28th. now, me and my dad know we saw it coming; she was the Runt of the entire pet store, probably a puppy-mill kid, she'd always been eating things she shouldn't've, and if an illness didn't get her the highway would've.

today, we brought home a gorgeous girlie Border Collie. she is not from a puppy mill, but rather is a pure farm-bred girl. her father is a papered red Border Collie, her mother is not papered, but is a tri. her and her sister had been sold to this pet shop i volunteer at, and the moment my mother and father set eyes on her i knew we'd have her. she's a bit runty, we think she's seven weeks and only about six pounds. she's got the Border Collie flower-type blaze up her face, a big spot over her shoulders, a smaller spot behind her right shoulder, and a saddle pattern to her backside. her tailtip is white, and her eyes will most probably end up green. we've decided to call her Fly, after the Collie in "Babe", mostly because everyone can say it (my mother and brother have speech impediments, and many of the names we thought interesting they couldn't pronounce properly)

Fly is adorable. she's frightened of the Big, Bad, Cold & Windy Outside, but not enough to be a big chicken about it. she whizzed on the floor twice, and by the time she decided to poop i had her outside. ran back in to get my coat, and when i got back outside she was gone. checked by the stairs, checked everywhere, then by the house. little girl was hiding there, waiting for me, then she showed me she had, in fact, pooped outside, and ran back in. we're pretty sure she's going to be a brilliant girl, because she's already gotten the hang of "Come, Fly."

but, of course, we have other pets! a five year old Seal-Point Himalayan named Simba, and a mutt Sable Ferret named Boo make up the Fuzzbutts, then their are my Aquababies Pierce, Flash, Crumple Stiltskin (Bettas) Hexadecimal, Baby Kiss, Polly, Mishka Ishka, Zane, Firefly (Platties) Teeny, Meeker, Spazz, Phreak, Mooka, Prickles (Kuhlii Loaches, last two are blacks) Shorty (African Dwarf Frog) and four Platy fry.

^^ whoo, i babble
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