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Old 10-03-2005, 07:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Manchesters
A GOOD breed, who is educated, responsible, and dedicated to the breed breeds for the sound mind in a sound body. And it is rather difficult to show a fear biting ill tempered dog in the ring. Dogs are excused for attempting to bite the judge or handler.
agreed, but the fear biter was just an example. you know as well as i do that a dog can have many faults of character that a judge is not very likely to see, not from a few minutes in the ring at least.

Hhhmmmmm, William Peterson just made a statement on CSI---"anyone who is great at something does it for their own approval.....not someone elses." Very true for outstanding breeders also.
yes, very much so. which comes back to the (good) breeder doing what they think is right and not following any fads.

coming back to the dachshunds, it just totally cracks me up that the AKC breed standard divides dogs into classes by weight instead of by chest circumference, and that it states weight of the standard size "is usually between 16 and 32 pounds". 32 pounds, that is so far over the maximum of 19.8 pounds for standard dachshunds in the original german standard, it's totally ridiculous. how is such an ovesized dog supposed to work properly, not to mention what it does to the back of the poor animals.

not to mention that the AKC standard only lists "knuckling over of front legs" as a disqualification.

but i digress. i better stop now before i really get into ranting.
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Old 10-03-2005, 09:41 PM
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Originally Posted by BlackDog
All interesting and valid points guys. This is where I was hoping this thread would go. It's so hard now a days to jump into the meat of dog breeding and showing without getting your head ripped off in the process. If I had more money to spend I'd rather get a ton of dog showing and breeding books then open a thread in a dog forum on these topics. It's like asking for a death sentance. But I'm poor and in college so I'll take what I can get.
I agree threads like this are great, all it takes is a few people with some knowledge to debate there points of view in a civil and intelligent way without finding the need to put down other that we don't agree with. No matter what you are talking about people are never going to agree 100%, but even if you don't agree with another persons opinion it's always worth paying attention to it when it's backed up with some valid points rather than something like "because I say so".

Anyway back to the topic.

In regards to the breed standards i think there is far more room for interpretation than just the things you have mentioned... at lot of the words that are used in some standards are vague to say the least, for instance words like "excessive" and "massive". What may be excessive to one person may not to another.

Although the breed standards do state fault in particular breeds they do not go through everything a breeder could be presented with (I'm talking about disqualifying faults). Let's say for arguments sake I have a Bullmastiff puppy who has knock knees, this is not considered a "disqualifying fault" but in my opinion just because it is not going to disqualify the doesn't mean I would consider this dog to be "show quality" as it is not something that "betters the breed" by any stretch of the imagination.

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