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Old 03-26-2010, 12:47 PM
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Default "Sit!" (Old School Way)

This is an alternative way I learned to teach a dog or puppy the "Sit" command. The reason why I call it the alternative way is because I rarely see it used to teach a puppy the "sit" command. The reason why I call it the old school way is because I learned it from an old video tape a long time ago. But be warned, because it's old, it may not no longer be one of the proper ways to teach a dog the "Sit" command. So before you try this, talk to an experienced dog owner or dog trainer about it.

Now, I suggest anyone whose method of teaching a puppy or dog how to sit isn't working, give it a try.

Step 1: Get a treat or some dog food. This method works better if your dog doesn't always have access to food or before you feed your puppy or dog.

Step 2: Let your puppy or dog sniff it, maybe even lick it, but DO NOT let him or her eat it. This is to get your puppy or dog's attention and interest. (Substituting a toy for Step 1 might work as well)

Step 3: Say the "Sit" Command, and gently but firmly place your index finger on one hip and the thumb on the other hip and press down. Remember, just enough pressure so your dog will sit.

Step 4: From step 3, once your dog is sitting, give him or her the treat or toy and say "Good boy" or "Good Girl" or give praise.

Step 5: Once your dog is standing again, say "Sit" and repeat what's in Step 3 and 4. After five times, your puppy or dog should sit at your command.

Step 6: Once the puppy or dog gets your command, you can throw in hand signal, however, make sure you use the hand signal the same time you say "Sit".

1)One thing I noticed about this method is some puppies are dogs may sit "unevenly". Unevenly as in their hips are not even. I have no idea how to correct this and anyone who tries this method may want to talk to an experienced dog owner or trainer about it.
2) Another thing I noted about this is it takes a few secs for the dog or pup to actually sit after command is given. It may be that the puppy didn't fully respect me as pack leader or that the food I held was not interesting enough. Not sure.

One more thing:
If this method of teaching "Sit" is indeed out of date and out of wack, I apologize. I just wanted to share it with you guys.
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