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Old 03-23-2010, 07:09 PM
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Originally Posted by phillo View Post
that's good advice but i don't think it's puppies specifically, it's golden dogs, retrievers but puppies more so. he took down an adult golden in the woods the other day, maybe 2 x his size, scared the hell out of the golden's owner and the poor golden instantly went belly up and had done nothing i could see to provoke him, just like the other incidents.
Oh dear.... Remember this??

Originally Posted by lizzybeth727 View Post
It doesn't really matter why your dog acted the way he did, or why he hasn't done it again since then; what matters is that you are prepared to handle him if you see the behavior again, and have a plan to solve the problem.
If you are not prepared to react when he BEGINS to have an issue with another dog, DO NOT give him the opportunity to meet another dog. Just because it's been yellow dogs so far doesn't mean it will ALWAYS be yellow dogs, and the more chances he has to attack other dogs the stronger that behavior will become. He may start generalizing it to ALL other dogs. Plus, it's SO not fair to that other dog to get attacked by your dog.... what if your dog makes that other dog afraid of other dogs so that he starts doing the same behavior as your dog??

At this point, IMO, your dog should ALWAYS be on leash unless he's in your fenced property (if you have a fenced yard), and should NEVER be exposed to a place where there are potentially off-leash dogs. At least not until you can get a plan for what to do if you are faced with a dog your dog doesn't like, and are prepared for it.
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