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Old 03-22-2010, 10:30 PM
babymomma babymomma is offline
Remembering Casey ♥
Join Date: Mar 2009
Location: NFLD ,Canada
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Red face

Well now. I pretty much love or at leat Like everybody here.

But, heres a few that ive always been more drawn to so to speak. (no particular order:P)

Acamp, your just plain and simply awesome. Ive always respected you alot.

Renee, When I first started posting I reminded myself of a submissive puppy that would slink up to a grown dog with its tail wagging and ears back, when she would ppost .. lol.. A weird way of putting it I know but i got nothing but respect for her! lol.

Jesslough... LOVE You girly! you're just genuinly awesome. A very nice person and I have yet to read a post by you with something bad/rude to say to somebody Plus I have a soft spot for the ferts and rosie. Lots of respect for this girl!

Alliemackie, i also think she is awesome! a very nice person, i have alot of respect for.

My respect/love for Dekka goes back to my days before chaz. I loved reading her posts on another board where I felt all by my lonesome on my beliefs. plus she took the time to educate me about cesar millan when I pretty much worshipped him.

- You are just one of the bestest people i have ever "met" . I really dont know where to start on what I want to say so i'll just leave it at that. You're awesome!

lizzybeth727 & Criosphynx and doberlove (And many more people) have given me so much advice on training and such.. I cant even tell you guys how much it means to me. I didnt realize when I got a dog how difficult some things would be to train and how complex it all is!

Smexypibble, I have alot of respect and love for her. She has been so strong and has dealt with so much yet she continues to be a great person!

I could probably keep going for hours, but i have school in the morning !
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