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Old 03-22-2010, 10:01 PM
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Exclamation Help! Requiring all the help we can get for my new puppy!

Hi Everyone,

I have a big big problem with my new maltipoo puppy (Kaspar) that I brought home on the 20th of March 2010. Its been 4 days however my girl friend and I are starting to stress heaps as we think our efforts to train and love our little Kaspar is actually training him wrong (or inadvertly our puppy training us..). I would really love for everyones support and assistance with our query. We are first time puppy owners and are need of help from more experienced owners. We do have a pomeranian at home however he was somewhat easily trained (by my sister) like he only needed to be taught once even now, and he is in and out doors.

We thought we prepared pretty well for his arrival home and was really pumped that we were gonna do awesome. But slowly we are starting to think other.

When he first came home, we took him into the backyard to Pee. he did pee on the grass so we praised him and then took him inside the house. What we did was everyone sat down and we put him on the ground and slowly let him adventure as we quietly patted him. Results were great and he began to be comfortable. We put him into his crate with the door open and with snacks inside so that he would like his home. This worked well as whenever he slept, we put him back into his crate and he was getting use to it.

The first night we put him in my room with the crate door open and made him a little play pen in my room, middle of the night he woke us up twice and we attended to his cries (bad for us) as he tried to climb over our makeshift playpen. To our suprise he did not pee in his crate or pen and actually peed on the pad we put in the corner of his pen so that was great. Morning came as we were woken at 7 by his cries. We took him out to the front yard to pee. He peed and we praised him and gave him a treat.

To date he has only made 2 pee mistakes in the house on the tiles and we were there to take him straight outside to the grass patch.

Now second night we tried to move his crate and toys and everything to the laundry. He seemed to like my green blanket so I put it inside his crate (My logic was that it will keep him warmer) I think he agrees with that. We started trying to train him to stay in the laundry when we are away. At 15 minute increments we attemped to leave him inside and then take him outside to the front yard to pee and then back inside the house to play. His Cries never stop.

Came night 2. we put him in the laundry late at night after pee and poop and when he was sleepy. we turned off the light and close the door. He cried all night waking us up twice, and we ended up attending to his cries because it became abit hysterical. with like long yelling like a baby. we were scared so fell for his cries. Turned on the light and now saw alot of pee and poop. luckily on the peepad. one missed tho.

Day 3, our attempts to take him out to pee and poop failed. for some reason, even though we positively (treats and praises) reinforced him for two days straight, when we took him outside, he would hang around the grass and eat the flowers and grass... dont know what went wrong there. That afternoon we continued to leave him in the laundry for short periods of time only opening the door when there was a gap of silence. We had dinner out so needed to tire Kaspar at around 7:30pm and put him into the laundry, to our amazement he cried for 1 minute and went to sleep. We came back from dinner and he was still sleeping (poop and pee on pad) and then we continued to let him sleep through the night. We were more persisting this night with not attending to him and it paid off. he went back to sleep and was out and about at 8:30 am of Day 4 (today).

We took him out to pee and poop on the grass and he didnt once again (decided to eat grass), so we brought him back in the house to run around. Its now mid day and I am now at work. Parents are looking after Kaspar at home but they both will leave for work at 3pm. At that time they will put him back into the laundry without fuss or excitement and then leave. I am worrying now because, as the owner and missing him heaps I worry that he will be ok when i return at around 6:30.

I would just like some advice on our circumstances. We are trying to strategically plan every day so that we make the most of our time however it seems to be working incorrectly. Are we doing the right thing, on the right track? Another problem we starting to see is that he growls at new people sometimes and bites all of us on the hand. I we all respond with a loud "ouch!" and put his chew toy in his mouth. 4 days of this so far shows no affect.

Thanks to everyone in advance for your help!


Jason, Tiff and Puppy Kaspar.
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