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Old 01-13-2005, 12:54 PM
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Default Update on Wrigley and Luke...

Wrigley is doing quite well after almost 2 weeks. He's almost potty trained and he has begun to sleep all night, at least the last 2 nights he has. He knows he's supposed to "go" when he's outside, but we're working on not going inside. He's getting more and more used to his crate. He's really just a good growing little puppy. we're teaching him as much as we can. right now we're working on sit, lay, and down. he already knows "no" quite well. Vet checked and doing fine. I"m gonna have him neutered at 14 weeks, that's what the vet says anyway, but i might wait til about 16 or so. Dont' want to do it too early.

Luke has been doing better. As some of you know, he has the problem where he submissively urinates. Well, it's been getting better since we got Wrigley. He doesn't seem to do it as much around us or when he knows he's not in trouble. I had to get on him this morning, so he did it when i was petting him after that. But, he's at least getting better at it. We've also been working with him to stay off the couch. We're gettin new furniture, and we dont' want wrigley up there when he's an 80lbs. beast! And he's doing pretty good with it. But he still tries to sneak up there when you're not looking. He was never really a "play" dog. More of just a cuddle dog. But he plays with Wrigley, although he never initiates. He's usually forced to do it and i can't quite tell sometimes, if he's playing or really mad? He wouldn't hurt him anyway, so i suppose it doesn't matter. I have a question about neutering him....He is 6 years old. could i still neuter him? The vet said it was ok to do so, it would help decrease his chances of getting cancer as he gets older, we wouldn't "hike" his leg as much, and he won't have as much of that nasty, disgusting white stuff on his wee wee anymore. He's almost gross sometimes. Affraid to pick him up. so i'm thinking of getting it done. He's really bad about hiking his leg. When we were at the vet, he tried to hike his leg on everything, when we go for walks, that seems to be his only motivation. to pee on something. He even does it if we go to someones house and they have a dog. The vet said it wouldnt' hurt, but i just wanted to see if anyone else had any experience neutering at this age.

I have some pictures of them both, but i don't know how to post them, can anyone help me out with that? do i need a host?
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