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Old 02-21-2010, 12:15 PM
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Originally Posted by MafiaPrincess View Post
Sadly I am Canadian and don't have Whole Foods.. But, I will look at the bigger grocery stores and see what I can see. Thank you

I am still eating some fish and shrimp, but I've given up everything else meat. It's been a week, and my Mom is still pissy as all hell with me.

I have a huge list from the back of Skinny Bitch that is suggestions for meatless (and often dairy free but I'm not going that far) brands that they like. They say there is enough meat free stuff out there that is gross. I haven't been able to go grocery shopping yet to see what I can find to try, but it's nice to see that even non vegetarian people like the meatless stuff. Few people at work suggested a few restaurants in town to try out veggie burgers at and I'm kind of excited.
I hardly ever eat meat substitutes to be honest. Maybe like once or twice a year when we're not grilling fish. (My whole family is veg., but we eat seafood.) I do like home made veggie burgers though! =) They are so easy, but SO SO yummy!
Theres enough yummy meals out there that you don't even need meat substitutes! I can't really think of anything where I would need them ^^

this one is similare to the recipe I make:
I add some chopped onions and peppers to my mix though.

1 c. oatmeal (quick cooking)
1 c. wheat germ
1 c. whole wheat bread crumbs
1 c. cashews, grounded finely
1 c. carrots, grated
1 tbsp. pepper
2 tbsp. garlic powder
3 tbsp. soy sauce
2 c. water

Mix first 3 ingredients together in large pot. Add cashews and carrots. Stir, then add rest of ingredients using your hands. Squeeze until they hold together. Form patties and bake on an oiled baking pan at 350 degrees for 15 minutes on each side. Serve on roll with catsup and mustard, etc.

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Run free, Beautiful Girl.
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