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Old 02-08-2010, 05:09 AM
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Ha! I live in Metro Detroit. Never knew you were so close to me.

Anyway, I've seen a few dogs in my training classes that are more wary of african american people-- especially puppies. Probably simply because they haven't been socialized to people properly, and have never experienced a person with dark skin, who's eyes and facial features may not be as easy for them to read.

But more often than not, I see dogs reacting to things like a hooded jacket, or winter coat. You'd probably see that on a lot of people who Oakley is reacting to.

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Old 02-08-2010, 08:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Doberluv View Post
Nope. My dogs all seem to be very stable around everyone. They like drunk people just fine. No one has ever been violent to them with the exception of Toker when she was a pup. But she's somehow gotten over all that pretty much. Only loud, anxious sounding voices make her a little fearful. So, I don't know what to tell you. I don't think the smell of someone who takes drugs should make a dog react viciously. I am more inclined to blame it on a somewhat sketchy or unstable temperament.

If it's only one race of people that the dog reacts badly to, I'd wonder about his socialization history and temperament. Of course, living in Idaho, my dogs haven't had much socialization with African Americans but when I visit in Seattle, they may pass a black person and they don't react any differently than they do anyone. They go past people with drugs on them, no doubt and there is no adverse reaction.

So, socialization, desensatization exercises, associating those he reacts to positively etc is all I can think of to help. Click to Calm and like books might help. If it's on account of his in born temperament, it would take a lot of practice to try and compensate for it, even a little. JMO. Management is the best thing you can do to prevent any accidents.
I know this was your opinion directed at Dreeza for Oakley. I just wanted to say that Phoebe has a BOMB proof temperament. She is fabulous with humans and other dogs. She has never had a single issue meeting/greeting strangers/strange dogs. She is not shy, fearful, and nothing shakes her...........not even gun shots, fireworks, or thunder (she actually LOVES those things and wants to be in the middle of them )

She has wonderful judgment skills in every situation I've seen her in.........with people AND other dogs. I am telling you right now, she does NOT trust people who have altered their state of mind with drugs or alcohol. It has nothing to do with the smell of alcohol..........she doesn't get upset or on guard when she smells beer or wine, LOL........she DOES however get on guard if there is a drunk person in the vicinity. She watches them closely, it's not out of fear because she is afraid of NOTHING I've ever's because she KNOWS they aren't "right" at the moment and she's making a judgment call IMO.

She (with all her 38lbs) protected me from a construction worker who had been working at our home for over a MONTH. She saw him everyday, knew him, had played with him, he was in and out the front door CONSTANTLY on a daily basis. He came to work drunk one day, came in my front door and proceeded down the hall to where I was. Phoebe hopped out from under the desk, put herself between us and warned him with a growl not to come any closer. THAT confused me..........she KNEW this person, she greets EVERYONE with a happy tail and heart..... WHAT was going on?

I had yet to notice his intoxicated state, she hadn't. He paused at her warning, but decided to come closer........I grabbed her collar as she lunged for him! When I realized he was drunk I understood her protests. Luckily, the other workers were on the job including his supervisor. He was NOT a nice man on that day, I can tell you that..........what could have happened if she had NOT made that judgment call? I don't know, but I trust her instincts and nobody could ever convince me to do differently or attempt to train that out of her
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