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Old 09-26-2005, 09:01 AM
Staffie Mad
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Default Want to vent about an awful breeder...

Lee's friend (lets call him "A") is friendly with a guy who breeds English Bull Terriers, "A" often walks these english bull terriers, and he invites lee,shadow and I to go along. We've been twice, I figured the more dogs she socialises with the better! She wont be going again, the dogs are viscous (sp) and keep going for shadow. But thats not what I want to rant about.

When we'd finished the walk we went back to this breeders house, he invited us in to see his new litter of puppies. He has maybe 5 adult dogs, and 6 or 7 11-15week old pups already, aswell as this new litter of 2week old pups. They are all kept in cages in the back garden, seem largish, have enclosed areas where they sleep, and its all heated and lighted (apart from the 2week old pups who are kept inside).

As we entered the house the wife warned us that the mother of the puppies would probably growl at us because she was mental. She told us they call this dog "psych-bitch" because she's so nasty. They have just bred this female!! they have knowingly bred a female who is known to have temprement problems, I couldnt believe it! I has to bite my lip to stop from saying something. The wife then went on to say how she couldn't wait for the female (mother) to go cos she was "doing her head in".......but wait it gets worse. She then told us how this nasty female escaped form their garden last week, she got out of the conservatory, and ran after this man walking a little dog, and the woman said, "I looked, and then I went and hid in the kitchen, I knew I couldnt do anything to stop her so I just left her" at this point there must have been steam coming out of my ears, because them wife looked at me and stopped talking, I had to leave at that point, I was fuming!!

I cannot believe these dispicable, irresponsible people are allowed to continue to breed these animals! I dispise both these people, the breeder asked me the other day what I fed shadow, I told him, and he was sooo patronising, he was like "oh whats that, one of those dinner types" I was going to reply "I dont feed that type of crap to my dog" but I didnt, im too polite I suppose.

These people make my skin crawl, and I just neede to rant about them, sorry.

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