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Old 09-25-2005, 08:26 AM
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Default Where are your puppies going?

Found this on another forum. It's mostly averages of course, but maybe some people will realize that the situation is pretty bad. It's a repost from the 10th page of another thread, but I think it deserves its own.

That when your dog has 6 puppies...

*** Chances of serious complications during delivery are 1 in 4....

*** Chances of a bitch dying during the birthing process are 1 in 20...

*** Chances of an Emergency C-Section are 1 in 10...

*** Chances of loosing at LEAST 1 puppy during delivery are 1 in 3...

*** Chances of loosing at least 1 puppy within the 1st week are 1 in 2...

*** Chances of ALL your PURE-BRED puppies finding PERMANENT & FOREVER homes are about 6%

*** 5 out of your 6 puppies are going to spend their lives with at least 4 DIFFERENT families throughout their lives...

*** 4 out of your 6 puppies are going to bounce from home to home and in and out of Shelters, with the average time spent with one family being 1-2 years...

*** 3 out of your 6 puppies (50%) are going to be euthanized in a shelter, or in an enviroment where there is no one who loves them near them to comfort them...

*** At least 1 out of your 6 puppies is going to be abused, starved or beaten...

*** At least 1 out of your 6 puppies is going to be hit by a car before it's 2nd birthday.

*** At least 2 out of your 6 puppies are going to be dead before they reach 5 years of age...

*** Chances of ONE of your 6 puppies going thru ANY obedience training whatsoever are about 50%...

*** Chances of YOU, the person who planned for your PURE-BRED puppy to be born, being there for your puppy to comfort it, heal it, feed it, love it, and make sure it is safe and protected all it's life.... 0.00001%....
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