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Old 11-18-2009, 06:20 AM
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Thanks guys, I usually think I'm foing okay but like Iheartgonzo said. He thinks I'm sucking all the fun out of his life.
Thankfully he listens to me before Dad.
I was out the front today taking photos of him around dusk when all the rabbits appear. He was watching them through the fence and dad opened the front gate. He wouldn't step out till I gave him the okay and then he just walked straight over to my side and stood beside me watching.
He's behaving impressivly well considering just how bad he'd like to get after them. lol

Glad I'm not the only fun sucker.

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Old 11-18-2009, 08:09 AM
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You need to have more confidence in yourself. Of course you're not too strict. There is nothing wrong with having some boundaries and rules and teaching your dog to stay within those. You're being careful with him and that's how you should be. If your Dad has little experience with dogs, then you have to know that he is not a source of great wisdom on this particular subject. You know what you want...have goals and know how to go about reaching those.....obviously. You've done remarkably well with Buster already.

We all have preferences in what we allow our dogs to do and those are bound to vary a little. I do let my dogs chase small things like squirrels or rabbits. My dogs are off leash most of the time on hikes/walks in the woods because there are no cars around. I have lots of property, not only mine, but gov. land all around me so I am not very particular about where they go. I do keep an eye on them, but don't mind if they go a little ways out of my sight as long as they come right back when I call, (well....with Toker. I do keep the little ones in sight) which they do. I always go out with them and keep tabs on Toker. The little ones naturally just stick pretty close to my ankles. LOL. So, it's all about what each person is comfortable with and about keeping our dogs safe, having some structure, rules etc, while letting them be dogs and have fun too.

And I think you're doing super. You need to know that yourself and not let anyone try to make you think otherwise.
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