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Old 11-15-2009, 02:19 PM
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Smile Behavior that I find cute

It's really nothing so remarkable or anything, but I find it endearing and cool how my two Chihuahuas, when they rough house know when to give the other guy a time-out. Chulita, when she gets riled up, will often have a little episode where her trachea collapses and she can't breathe right. So, she stops playing and tries to compose herself and catch her breath. She makes horrible, gasping sounds and Jose` immediately respects that and stops short, steps back, just watching and waiting for her to resume playing. He gives her all the time and space she needs. Sometimes one will stop to scratch or lick themselves and the other backs off and give the other guy time to take care of things, but waits, watching expectantly for the moment when it's appropriate to join back in and play. It's so cute how they communicate to each other.

It's really logical and normal, but for some reason, I find it so cute.

Do you notice things your dogs do that aren't some highly unusual thing, just something pretty regular, but that we might tend to take for granted and when you think about it, you find it pretty neat or cute?
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