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Old 11-15-2009, 12:24 AM
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Default So mad!!! (loose dog vent)

I was furious tonight, after walking the dogs. It was late, around 10, and we decided to walk. I haven't been home a lot lately because I've been up at the hospital, and I feel like I've been neglecting the dogs, even though someones been home with them... just not... well, me

So we decided to do a short walk, down the road and back. We get halfway down the road, and I took Tucker from Kayla for a second so she could pick up some dog "presents". We both started walking again, she was just about to take Tucker back when suddenly I see a dog run down a driveway at us, the porch light on.
I didn't even have a second to react. The dog ran straight out, and jumping Maddie - attacking her. Maddie was immediately trying to defend herself, I was yelling and trying to "push" the dog off with my feet, and Tucker reacted right away and attacked his back end as well, which caught the dog off guard and he got off of Maddie and directed himself at Tucker, Maddie bit his tail - and then listened to my words and came to me. The owner came and grabbed the dog and dragged him back in the yard a little ways. Kayla kept Tucker on a short leash (he was very worked up and was barking at this point, as was Maddie) and was YELLING at the guy stuff like "There Are Leash Laws For a Reason!!!" and "Get Your Dog On a Leash!!!!"

My main concern was whether or not Maddie was hurt. So in a peppy "Lets Go" I walked her away from the house quickly, and then checked her over (I thought there was blood on her back but it was slobber) and then kept walking, Kayla and Tucker followed suit.

I turn around, and the guy let the dog loose again !!!!

We picked up the pace, had to go around the block to get back home which made the walk longer than we wanted. I called the dog warden - but it was 'after hours' and the voicemail box said to call non-emergency police, but of course I didn't have that number, so was going to look it up as soon as we got home. When we got home, I looked the dogs over extremely thoroughly and it took me forever to find the number in the phone book. We figured we should know the address or at least close when we called, so I got the spray and we walked back down there without the dogs. Of course not one porch light was on, and I had no idea which house it was I narrowed it down to like 4-5 house span Frustrated, we walked over to the security guard of the neighborhood who was parked across the street from out house by the mailboxes, and told him what happened. He took all of our information, description of the dog, and told us he would patrol and keep an eye in that area, to hopefully see the dog so he could talk to the owner.
I was irritated. We might talk to the girls in the office tomorrow, but I think it'll be a waste of time.

It usually takes A LOT to get me this mad... I mean, accidents happen. But they let this dog back offleash not even two minutes after it attacked two dogs?? Seriously??? People are so stupid!!

Maddie CGC .:. Cocker Spaniel .:. 13 y/o
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