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Old 01-09-2005, 05:55 PM
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Originally Posted by chazhound
Thanks for staying ElitNHunter,
I understand as I fed Chazhound Pedigree for 11 years and thought I was doing great. I started the Sheltie on the same after puppy chow, and he started having terrible reactions. That is when I discovered more about dog food. They now get Flint River and all the problems went away.. so did all the medications

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Thank you, Chazhound. I said I wouldn't post here again, but now that I know how the "ignore button" works, I will! Because I would like to come here to learn more (and not be lashed at). I'm interested in Flint River and what problems you had. My golden had suffered from allergies early in life, and I took him to a dermatologist who determined it was air born, not food born. But after a couple of years of daily shots and getting him on flea preventative, I weaned him off the shots and found it really due to the fleas. This was in the early '90's when flea preventative was just coming out. His skin has been great for the last 8-10 years. But he also has epilepsy -- very mild, but has been on phenobarbitol for most of his adult life. He hasn't had a seizure in about a year now. But he was just diagnosed with Lymphoma (2 days ago and my heart is broken). Taking him in for a biopsy and lung xray Tuesday to see what protocol we should follow. He still feels really good -- he's such a happy boy -- but he's a golden, you know. They mask their feelings, too. To top it off, I just had to take my yella fella (lab) to the emergency vet today because of a horrific cough. I thought he might have inhaled a part of a rawhide into his lungs or have something lodged in his throat. They xrayed him and found nothing and thinks he might have just "caught something". Gave me Etoldolac and Hydrocodone. Said it should start clearing up in a couple of days. Wonder if I should have a second opinion? Anyway, thanks for your kind words...
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