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Old 11-03-2009, 03:19 PM
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well his responce back is he wants $250 for each of the pups...and "since these dogs uusally go for like 2 grand...thats a bargain"

however the remainder of the email was actually nicely put together, considerate and made it sound liek he does care at least a little...
hes claiming that his wife kicked him out and he cant find a rental with the female and the 3 remainding puppies...(likely story *rolls eyes*, but unfortunatly would pass as truth in this area because its neer impossible to rent with even a tiny dog)

so i told him unfortunatly thats a little more than id be interested in spending on a rescue, particularly considering the urgent circumstances.
i also mentioned that being the average in the area to euthanize a dog was over $100 for a small breed puppy, that its going to cost him more to euthanize the dogs...
i also said "so if the time gets closer and they still dont have homes lined up and youd be willing to let me take them..."

so we'll see.
he very obviously wants his cash.

i checked his number posted and it belongs to a boat top company (fiberglass stuff)...
ive contacted animal control in the area but their responce was "as long as he isnt inhumane with the puppies and has them humanely put to sleep theres nothing we can do about it"

i dont know what discusts me more, the fact that this guy is threatening to have these dogs put to sleep (truth or not) or the fact that animal control is unwilling to pull them.

im now scouring the interwebs for the nearest rescue that might be able to help.

I wonder if other dogs think Cresties are members of some weird religious cult?

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