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Old 11-03-2009, 10:51 AM
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Default *sigh* craigslist stupidity

what kind of person posts the likes of
"I have 3 puppies left. i will be putting them to sleep by end of week if they are not adopted. 3 months old. call for adoption fee*number edited for privicy* blood will be on the hands of the flaggers who keep shutting down my post."

now this guy has 3 PRESA puppies...
these are not your normal every day breed in this area...
there not a "beginner" breed, theres no rescues in the area willing to deal with them they would be pts imediatly if put in a shelter as thats what there doing now with all "dangerous breeds" (mastif types, pitbull types, Ambulldog types, rotties, dobes and some other "bully type" breeds are, for the most part being pts upond admittance as shelters are full and these breeds are considered (by THEM) high risk.

my inner heartstrings tugged ive dropped the guy an email asking what hes looking for for an adoption fee and if these little ones have seen a vet ect (ie what would an "adopter" be getting for this money)
ive got a feeling hes going to be asking an astronomical "fee" for these dogs as its not a doubt its a BYB.

but i feel horrible for these pups, whether he would just have them PTS or not (especially since pts will cost him money) i dont know, but the thought that 3 3mth old pups would be killed becasue of some idiots stupidity and money grabbing just horrifies me.

unfortunatly though this breed...well everything ive read about them makes them amazing family dogs, but not for your average household.
my father would KILL me if i brought them here (though im still thinking about it lol)

WHY are there people like this in the world?

as the owner of these pus he is within legal rights to have them pts and theres not a single vet in this area that wouldnt do it knowing what would happen to them in a shelter...*ugh*

ill see what his reply is...mabe i could get an out of state rescue involved if he seems like he might be reasonable about signing them over.

I wonder if other dogs think Cresties are members of some weird religious cult?

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