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Old 11-01-2009, 07:09 PM
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Default I've given up on hope

So to sum things up in a long story, this is how it is. I really want another dog. I think that Suzie would love another dog, Our whole family would except my dad and he doesn't have any good reasons. And the world has been testing so much lately.

On Saturday morning, on our walk, there was a loose dog on the road. I had seen him before, in fact this is almost a complete copy of last time he was out. He runs around us wanting to play, follows us home because I am too chicken to knock on their door. It is a huge creepy looking house, with a large overgrown yard. I bring him back with my brother and the owner opens the door. Its probably my imagination, but I just don't like the people there. I mean, when we had found Suzie, the daughter told me she might of lost a dog and that no, she didn't remember what she looked like. I was reluctant to show her Suzie at that point because who knows? what if she claimed it was hers and it wasn't. Anyways, the point of that is to say that I was really naughty and wished I could keep the dog. He was a wonderful dog.

And then, later that day, we were out shopping and we stopped by petco while Adoption day was being run. We saw the cutest most best behaved dog you could imagine. I wanted to take her home then and there, but if my dad didn't agree, then she would end up in a shelter.

So I get home, I am sad because in two days it is my birthday, and I know better to get my hopes up in the chance that my parents decide to relent, so I decide to be sad then not on my birthday. Then, I see a huge dog in my neighbors yard, it turns out they have gotten another dog. He really is a good looker, and I am happy for them, but I am also jealous. I don't want him, I just want another dog.

Then to top things off, we go to the dog park today. There, sitting in one of those entrance things was a little black lab mix puppy. Something was wrong with her legs, and she would just sit down. I let her out, and then went around asking for her owners. We were about to leave when my mom comes up and tells me it belongs to some guy sitting on a bench listening to music. We bring her over and she looks reluctant, and when she reaches him she kinda crouches down, looking scared. Then, he says that the only way he recognized her was a little bit of white on her chest. We had to leave her with him which broke my heart, because I had already planned on bringing her home, vet visits and everything.

Sooo, I am just really sad. I mean, this won't be MY dog like Suzie is because I will be going to collage in 3 or so years. Sorry about it being so long, and congratulations to anyone who finished it.
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