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Old 01-09-2005, 12:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Serena
You've done your research? BULL CRAP

If you have done your research you would not be feeding your dogs that junk.

Take your own time and educate yourself I will NOT waste MY time helping YOU. I have nothing to prove to YOU. The information is readily available. It is NOT new information.

It is information that has alway been there. The canine digestive system did NOT undergo a sudden change.

Evolution does NOT work that way. Remember when I told you to study canine physiology? Do that.

I'm not impressed with you having had twenty dogs over your lifetime.

All that tells me is that after twenty dogs you still have not taken it upon yourself to be fully responsible for their well being.
Well, guess what... you won't have to worry about it since I won't be posting here any longer. Ever since my first post about my lab pottying in the bathtub when he was SO SMART being right out of the shelter and having potty problems and he went in the bathtub (instead of all over my carpeted house), and you saying he was BAD and I was BAD for having such a dog. Well, you turned me off at my very first post. And this is my last. You need to get a better attitude. I just wonder how many people you've fended off from Chazhound... what's your problem, anyway? Why such a chip on your shoulder? The whole "I'm not impressed with you having had twenty dogs over your lifetime"... who the hell you think you are? I feel sorry for you... but more importantly, I feel VERY sorry for any 4-leggers you have under your care. See you... MUCH later. As in NEVER.
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