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Old 10-06-2009, 07:08 PM
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Well, that didn't work out. We didn't even get to first base.

One BC and One aussie today. Neither liked Peytons intensity. Peyton just wanted to play but they didn't seem to understand. The BC was the more hyper out of the two but when I brought Peyton in, the BC folded like a lawn chair. Growling, biting and had to separate them. Peyton had her butt in the air, then ran around the dog begging to be chased. If Peyton got close, they growled or worse.

Peyton wouldn't hurt a kitten, squirrel, dog or person. I've had her a year and never seen an aggressive bone in her body. Peyton loves to play and it's VERY intense. Dogs her own size are either terrified or get grumpy.

I had a giggle when it was just the BC the animal control officer and I out in the yard. The ACO said, the BC is just hyper, you know how they are don't you? I said yes, then thought to myself, that BC isn't as hyper as Peyton, when Peyton is exhausted. Hyper is relative and Peyton redefines the term apparently.

I saw another contrast, Peyton came in well fed, sassy, shiny with bright eyes ready to get her freak on. The other to dogs seemed lifeless and dull by comparison. I threw the ball a few times for her, ran her through some basic training just to show off. The ACO commented on how focused Peyton was on me. Peyton and I shared a chicken sandwich on the way home and called it a day.

I'm a little surprised in a way, the Aussie was about 2 years old and the BC was 3-4 months. My 18 month old Peyton was like a kid out there and they acted like a bunch of grumpy old men. It didn't really surprise me on the other hand because Peyton only plays with dogs much larger than her. They are the only ones that can hold up, wants to play with her and not feel threaten. She's 45 lbs but plays like she's twice that. She's never met a dog she didn't like, but she's met many that don't like her because of her high play drive. Today she met two more.
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