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Old 10-03-2009, 08:16 AM
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This kind of thing comes up fairly often for me. My dog is an Aussie and they are "naturally" cautious however I also know my dog Peyton has a very high play drive. Here's an example...

At first, Peyton didn't like the wooden stairs in the back of my Moms house. She froze in front of them and refused to go up them under normal circumstances.

So, I got Peyton wound up with playtime in the yard, then I ran up the stairs encouraging her to come, she froze for a second, then up the stairs she came because she wanted to "play". She came up because what she wanted so badly overrode her fear and the wooden stairs have been a non-issue ever since.

My point is, with the right motivator and the right mental state for the dog and combining the two, it can sometimes overcome fear.

Each dog will be different as to what drives them to the brink of happy frenzy. It could be another dog, a child, food, squeaky toys or something else.

Basically, you find your dogs hottest of their "hot buttons" and push it to your advantage. I find it much easier if I already have her in a state of mind that's not fearful before I push that button.

I sometimes think of Peyton as combination lock. 32 right, 16 left and 8 right won't unlock her, but 33 right 18 left and 9 right will. I just have to find the right combination and she opens right up!

I won't speak for Smkie, but I believe she's referring to Ttouch massage. Here's the idea if I'm, I could have used one of these myself yesterday
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