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Old 09-08-2009, 10:25 PM
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I started this thread to get info, not start "breedist" trolling o.O Thank you PM, Zoom, Amstaff, Romy, Renee and the others that gave me constructive info!
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Old 09-08-2009, 10:45 PM
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PM, your dogs have one trick but it's a GREAT one. It's a guardian breed, one of the oldest and best examples of this type of dog. It's no insult to say it's a one trick pony, it was bred for a purpose and that's what it does, and does it very well. However, comparing them to a GSD is really irrelevant, because both breeds were created to do different things. So don't take it personally. The GSD is a versatile breed that can track, protect, herd, guard, assist the disabled, or perform in sports like obedience and agility. Their versatility is what makes them special. That versatility is also what was part of their demise, in how the breed has gone downhill. You don't need to prove anything- most GSD owners know the dog isn't what it used to be. Just like so many other breeds that have been exploited by breeders and breed clubs who change the breed standards to suit their less than adequate dogs. GSD owners also know that there are enough breeders who strive to preserve the breed for it's original traits.

You are lucky that your dog has not been "discovered" by the show ring breeders and had it's great traits bred down to create a fluffy teddy bear that looks nice in the show ring and can't do anything else except sell puppies to the public. I think it takes a special owner to be able to deal with some of the LDG breeds and you have shown that in the success you've had with your dogs in areas outside their breed's general use, such as the TDI and show work you do. Just as it takes a special owner to deal with a good GSD. Both breeds have their needs and owners who know how to deal with those needs. That said, for someone looking for a dog that can be a family companion, deal with strangers and visitors in the household, be good with children, but be protective when needed, the GSD is the dog for that job. My guess it's easier to train a working line GSD to protect than it is to train a really good LDG to accept strangers in it's territory. I'd trust my dog in that regard over an LDG who thinks on his own and has more of a one track mind. I'm the one who decides when it's time to protect, not my dog, and when the dog makes that choice, that's where you have problems. What if you are doing a TDI visit with your dog and some old person slips and falls into you and the dog thinks it's time to protect?
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Old 09-09-2009, 02:14 PM
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I have stated NUMEROUS times, I dont feel the GSD will dominate any type of work, so dont know how that feeds my ego Nor did I come here stating my dog can take on a bear (though that may be true, has to feed a human ego), heck I never even said my dog would protect. I keep asking over and over again but you keep ignoring the question. How is is possible to train protection INTO a dog? That is the only question I have, and will keep asking till you answer. No egos, or mines is bigger than yours BS. Just a simple question.
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Old 09-09-2009, 02:49 PM
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I would suggest a GSD. i don't know about all GSDs but kenya does have an amazing natural protection instinct over me. she gives a growl and warning barks at people who seem like a threat and she has attacked (not nipped or w/e) a man who tried to grab me, a good full grip bite on his arm and she released when my boyfriend arrived and I told her to "thats enough!". and no, she hasn't had any training. its just natural to her I guess

Check out the family line, breeding and I guess go from there

GSDs also just have a natural "dont mess with this person" look to them. people usually wont even bother messing with a person walking a GSD

I don't know if this is possible for you izzy, but maybe visit some breeders and meet their dogs

On a side note, my aunt has a boerboel and he is amazing. he is professionally trained but he is an amazing guardian and truly a beautiful dog. you might want to check them out. tho i dont know much else about them, i know that he does a wonderful job protecting my aunt and her family and home

Disclaimer: I work for Trupanion and love it/our policy! But I do not speak for the company or as the company.
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Old 09-12-2009, 03:35 PM
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That's a good story Fransheska.

Originally Posted by Izzy's Valkyrie View Post
What do I want specifically? I want a dog that will be a watchdog, that is one that will bark when something iffy is happening outside, be that a wolf, bear, or burglar. I want a dog that will guard not only the house but the people inside the house (Particularly the children and me) So that if we're outside in the yard at night having a cook out or telling ghost stories, we don't have to worry about someone or something coming up to interrupt us. I'd like a dog that, if I have to leave my kid at home for ten minutes while I run to the store, will make sure no one but me or other family is coming in the door.
Hey Izzy. My advice to you is a wellbred GSD, Doberman, something like that. They're meant to be responsive to your commands, live with people, judge situations and defend if necessary. I wouldn't rely on an untrained one to withstand a 2x4 beating protecting you or anything like that. But they will take care of your average creep at least long enough for you to figure something out. GSD's, at least, enjoy "scouting." For instance, if mine gets bored he back at purple demons are running in the street or something. At first I thought he had a head problem, but if I ignore him he'll give a whine or two and then flop over on his side with a hugely exaggerated groan and a look like "You know what, owner, you are DULL." When you let him outside after he has heard something he trots around, wagging tail held high and flaglike, giving little huffy barks. Then he'll look back at me and I'll call him in, and he'll trot back happily. He takes his "job" very seriously but in a way it's a game for him as well. That's a false, I know it and he knows it. When he's serious, you can tell. It's pretty INTENSE. I keep him in my room at night and you can access part of the roof from my window, and one night the raccoons were outside pulling shingles. He woke, jumped out the window onto the roof and tried to pursue him, but sadly (for him) they escaped. They didn't get one shingle up, and I know from experience that they can't have been out there for more than a few seconds. When I walk him late at night he watches people. During the day, he's ignores people. He confronts intruders on the property. He's fairly easy, easy to train, adaptive, not much of a liability. He'll certainly give warning, he likes that sort of thing. It remains to be seen if he bites or not.

I get the impression that that is the kind of dog you're looking for, you don't want the liabilty of something too hardcore. So that is what I recommend. Remember I'm talking about working lines, and pick the most confident pup you can, good luck.
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