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Old 09-08-2009, 02:08 PM
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Default What breed for me?

I did this on another forum I'm on, and most people were pretty spot-on with the replies. Since I'm new here, and what breed I will own in the future is still an uncertainty (I own a mix right now), I thought it'd be fun to ask, too.

Things I want/don't want:

- intelligence. A dog who enjoys learning and is entertained by mental exercise.

- drive. (to a point!) I want a dog who can get their game face on when it's time to trial. Not looking for a particularly prey driven or toy driven breed.. FOOD MOTIVATION is very important for me

- moderate physical exercise requirements. I'm not a runner, and instead like to take my dog on several short walks a day. The dog should be able to train lightly in agility in my backyard 4 to 5 times a week and be able to go to classes weekly as well. I want an agility dog, but not a crazy wired agility dog!

- loyalty. I like a dog who makes a clear distinction between those he knows well and the rest of the world. I am NOT fond of dogs who are like "OMG HIIII" to everyone they meet. That said, I do not want a dog who is fearful or very protective around strangers. Not fond of an independent dog either.

- flexibility. busy Petsmart one day, deserted hike in the woods the next. A dog that can go all over.

- i tend to like short or medium coated dogs, but as long as i can do the majority of the grooming on my own (i.e, whipping out the brush or curry comb once a day, maybe some trimming) that's fine.

- should be able to get along with dogs and cats appreciably.

- size should be anywhere from about 30-60 lbs, give or take a little in either direction. I'm not fond of brach breeds.

- ability to be offleash regularly doesn't matter TOO much as long as they can trial outdoors without incident and will be okay if I drop the long line on a deserted beach in the middle of winter or something.

Any suggestions?
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