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Old 09-07-2009, 05:13 PM
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Default Jing went to the bridge last night...

Jingles is our 18 year old cat, she was the first pet I ever had, I honestly dont remember a time without her...

We went away for the labor day holiday, left at 12AM on Friday and were going to be back Sunday night… the dogs went with us and the neighbors had agreed to feed the cats. We got home at about 10 PM on Sunday and as soon as we walked in the house we saw dried spots of diarrhea everywhere and pee on the carpet… our cats have never, NOT ONCE, had an accident in the house, so we knew right away something was wrong. My mom started looking for the cats, she found the youngest two first and they both appeared fine, then we heard this horrible moaning noise and found Jingles laying behind the toilet in the bathroom, very cold and not moving… we quickly wrapped her in a towel and ran to the ER vet… the vet felt a mass in her stomach and said she was just barely alive. She was 18, had not been appearing very healthy lately and we just couldn’t put her through anymore. The decision was made not to investigate further and just help her to the bridge and end the suffering she had been dealing with.

I know she was probably very sick, the vet suspected cancer or liver & kidney failure… but it makes me so mad that we weren’t there the last few days, we would not have let her suffer, we would have noticed her going downhill and gotten her to a vet sooner. I am mad at the neighbor because he should have seen what was going on and called us. This is not some guy we barely know… before his dog passed we always watched her when they went on vacation and we still keep an eye on their house when they are away. I don’t know if we would have gotten any more time with her either way but at least she wouldn’t have suffered in her final hours.

It is so sad to see how fast she went downhill, she was fine when we left and by the time we got home, less than three days later she was so so sick.
Watching her go, was the hardest thing I have ever seen… I loved her so much and she will be greatly missed. I know she will be waiting at the bridge for us and we will get to see her again. Jingles was an indoor only cat but loved to try and escape especially in her younger years… I know she will be playing happily outdoors now.
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