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Old 09-03-2009, 10:41 AM
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Default raw fed ferrets and cats

i know at least one person here raw feeds their ferts...

our roomates have 2 marshalls boys they "rescued" (family was getting rid of them due to landlord isues) they have spent the last few mnths beliving whole heartedly they are girls, 1 because there fairly clueless and the kind of "oh but there so cute, i dont need to reaserch" people and 2 because these 2 are small, rather scrawny ferts...

it wasnt untill i explained that their "belly buttons" make them boys that they actually had a clue as to the ferts sex...

these 2 ferts are scawny, dull coated and SMELLY, no more than any other marshals fed fert of course but still, they "clean" the cage once a week and its not enough, nothing we say or do can et them to clena the cage any more frequently (or throughly...)
its not that the cage looks discusting...but they are generally smelly, im pretty sure you could bleach the cage, wash all the bedding and theyd still be smelly ferts.

so i mentioned that im looking into raw feeding the dogs and that it might be a good option for the ferrets too, i know there are LOTS of huge health bennies to raw feeding ferts, and im hoping an improvement in body and coat condition would also accompany a reduction in odor (marshals food is fish based, fish based = even smellier ferts)
however im having a hard time finding the info and need a 'raw for dummies" kind of aproach...particularly for them who want something as simple as filling their bowl...

so if those raw fed fert folks out there would be so kind as to post their average weekly menu for a ferret (or 2), that would be WONDERFULL.

details and pictures of the improvments in your ferts would also be absolutly wonderfull.

i feel bad for these little guys because while there obviously surviving quite well theyre absolutly not thriving...

their cats are the same way, dull coated and shedding handfulls...its ridiculous.

I wonder if other dogs think Cresties are members of some weird religious cult?

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