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Old 08-29-2009, 12:32 AM
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Default This is sooo not happening.

ok so me and a friend went to go for our evening walk down my driveway ..then down the country road before it rained and we turned off my driveway and at first glance (mind you it was a far off glance) thought we saw a coyote laying in the middle of the road. After calling back my babies who walk loose with me (other than Love and Buddie) We slowly approached and it appeared to be a heeler mix or shepherd (dunno she is medium sized). Just petrified but she looks very pregnant. She could not get to her feet and she thought I was going to hurt her. she has a gash on her face and she doesnt make eye contact. I spoke to her gently and sat down next to her and just pet her for awhile ot sooth her and see how she reacted to me. I tried ot encourage her to stand but she just didnt have the gumption to stand let alone walk back to my house. (couldnt leaver her there) Then I carried her home. I have her alone by herself and she is just infested with Fleas..she is older has nasty teeth and has had litters B4 by the look of her nipples. and she was definitely abused.

ANYWAYS her temp is normal and I wouldnt say she is going have puppies like tonight or anything but my 2 closer vets were already closed and wont open till monday but since neither have Xray or ultrasound my best bet will be to take her an hour away to the vet I use for my Wildlife who can do that for her. But thats not an option till monday. And I can have her chip tested there as well.

MEANWHILE her stool is a bit loose and Im gonna have to do something about those fleas..... and once again bomb my house! third time this summer first was from a Fawn..then My bottle pups now her.

she needs a name, any Ideas?

Ok this is a pic of her.. yeah I know the paint in the backround is HORRID! It looked so good colorwise till I used it Im going to change it when I have Xtra $$ this winter.

O GRR this makes me so mad b/c I am worried she was dumped and now I have the added crazyness of caring for her and possible pups and although I would make it work if I had to I would be ever so glad to not have to. (that is sooo selfish) any Ideas?

Also by your guessing is she pregnant or just fat? (I can handle fat) I wil get better pics tomorrow.

searching all local ads for missing dogs..though with her state I dont know if I want to find her previous owners.

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