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Old 07-25-2009, 10:38 PM
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ive come to the strong conclusion that either you dont read, dont understand or just dont care about actual responces...

you come across as rather highly opinionated (in a NOT good way) and truth be told, kinda "holier than thou".
you dont care that people have good reasons...
you belive that the only dogs worthy of life are those that "WORK", (as a side note, again my frou frou dogs catch rate is higher than your WORKIGN dogs from what youve said AND shes a WORKING service dog, belive me, theres no job harder than being a service dog!) but to you shes a frou frou inside dog, shes small and she doesnt "hunt", at least to your standards...(which thus far seems to be the only job you consider real work for a dog.)
you seem like you want to go back to the days of lynching dogs in trees...what about all those "lazy obese people" with their frou frou spayed and neutered dogs? mabe we should just lynch them along with their dogs since there obviously no use to ANYONE...

as someone who is fat...very much have a problem with fat people?...
id like to say that i am extreemly active.
i work outdoors, i was a zoo keeper, i AM a dog walker, i work rennaisance faires (anyone thats been to one can tell you, while fun, thats MILES AND MILES AND MILES of walking on uneaven ground, loose rocks thro0ugh mud and horse poop and unlike those who just come for the fun of it, we dont get regular breaks, we work our butts of and we dont stop.
last weekend i worked through a weekend with second degree sunburns, today it was on a little over 3 hours of sleep.
i spend most of my time outdoors...
i hulahoop, do yoga, pilates, i spin poi (working on fire) and i belly dance...

at 300lbs, i probably do more outside in one day than you do all week in terms of strenuous phyiscal excersize...
do you RUN after your dogs when they hunt?!

as it stands thus far ive found every one of your posts degreading...
you have a problem with people who spay and neuter
you have a problem with people who have their dogs live inside (because that makes them frou frou)
you have a problem with people who take their dog to the vet
you have a problem with people who dont simply "let nature take its course" so the dog dies from something that was easily treatable
you have a problem with people who dont "cull the heard" by again "letting nature take its course" (oh wait, we should all go back to the days when they got rid of the useless ones (like my frou frou service dog who can catch chipmonks UP trees) by hanging them from a tree... as a side note, not sure what its like where your from but that has NEVER been a common culling practice in any of the coutries ive heard of. letting them be "free" drowning, poisen, a club to the skull, dog fights, thrown to the bulls, yes...never lynched from a tree!
you have a problem with fat people, (and all fat people are lazy)
and you have a HUGE problem with anyone that doesnt feel the same way about the way dogs should live as you do..

of course...
if they disagree with your veiws they MUST be animal rights activists.

yup, thats me...a fat lazy activist...*rolls eyes*

now please excuse me, im off to give my horribly, genetically deformed, naturally unworthy, frou frou dogs a snuggle before i put my lazy fat butt in bed...
gotta be well rested for tomorrow...where ill take my lazy fat butt back to the 350 acre farm the ren fair is being held on and spend my day walking the miles and miles of trails selling roses to support wildlife rehabilitation...

oh wait...
wildlife rehab is against everything you strive for...yup, gotta go deprive natural selection of yet another orphaned soul.

I wonder if other dogs think Cresties are members of some weird religious cult?

Adventures In Cluck Clucks, watch them grow @

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