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Old 07-19-2009, 12:15 PM
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Default As they call it - ferret math... lol

Izzy is doing VERY well her coat is very soft and glossy. She went to the vet last week and the week before and got her shots. The vet was very impressed with her coat and her sparkle eyes So I have been getting her used to her harness and her carrier (she did not like it at all when going to the vet, so I'm getting her used to it so she'll like it now) so we can go places together
She is not nipping at all, currently, I was having an issue communicating with her that it hurts since she is deaf, but once she caught on she caught on fast! She is a sweetheart and LOVES to play with Maddie. And Maddie plays better with Izzy than any of the dogs (foster or roommates dogs). And after she plays with Maddie and explores the house for a little bit she'll tolerate cuddling lucky me!
I have pet stairs so she can come in and out of her FN cage whenever she wants, when we are home. I only shut the doors of the cage when we are not home, or if we're moving furniture or something, I don't want her to get hurt while she's trying to "help" lol

My roommate/best friend has also fallen in love with Izzy (who wouldn't?! lol) She offers to take care of her all the time, lets her out of the cage when she's home and I'm at work. We've talked about getting Izzy a friend, and she's told me probably a thousand times that she never knew she'd love ferrets this much, and she'd LOVE on of her own. So we kept out eyes open at the shelter, and craigslist and stuff. And yesterday she brought home her baby Annabelle aka Annie. (Annabelle and Isabelle... even I am not that clever about naming LOL)

So Annie and Izzy get on like they are long lost sisters, but I'm lucky in that when out of the cage Izzy still seeks me out and wants to have fun with me (or Maddie!). Annie is unusually cuddely... she fell asleep on my friends lap after introductions to Izzy yesterday. I've told my friend that she'll grow out of that She is completely adorable.

I didn't realize the extent of what the vet was talking about (about her eyes and coat) until we brought Annie home and compaired. Her coat is very bristly and she's pretty smelly :-X
But by watching Izzy I know she is going to catch on to the raw diet quickly, and her coat will be just as amazing in time!
I denied ferret math could strike me, but it did. Hard.

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