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Old 07-10-2009, 06:34 PM
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Default Ferret Owners

I had to run off to the pet store today to by some litter and ferret food. I know that there is many different types of food out on the market. I also know that with ferrets, no ferret food company is really made for what a ferret needs. Nobody really knows what exactly they need in a diet, which is why it is usually suggested to use multiple types of ferret food. Because even food companies that are great for most dogs, like Evo, really doesn't know what ferrets need either so really, they aren't much better. Actually, I have heard many people have bad things to say about Evo ferret food.

So I was just wondering, what kind of food do you guys feed your ferret(s)? Have you found that "winning formula" for your pet?
Do you give supplements?
Do you mix ferret and kitten food?
What kind of litter do you use?

I, personally, feed Rascal Ultimate ferret food mixed with Whiskas kitten food. I have tried all food that is sold, and Rascal was always underweight and didn't have as much energy. Now with this mix of food, his coat looks great, he has tons of energy and "spunk", and he is a perfect weight for him He also gets chicken and broth baby food every week, to help with the coat shine and with the weight.

He also gets supplemented with FerretLax, FerreTone, and FerretVite. FerretLax is for hairballs and to make sure he doesn't get them, FerreTone I mainly use for cutting his nails, and FerretVite gets used for the vitamins.

I use a litter called "Premium Ferret Litter". It is 100% recycled newspaper. It's the same thing as Yesterday's News, but a cheaper price. (I have used yesterday's news, it looks and feels and smells the exact same even lol). I also use this baking powder formula that is sold for cats under the litter. It absorbs the urine, therefore decreasing the scent.

Rascal gets Whiskas temptations and Meow Mix drumsticks for treats. He will not eat ferret treats, no matter if its chicken flavored or not.
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