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Old 01-03-2005, 09:45 AM
greentiger greentiger is offline
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Red face Geneva rescue

Well we got Snoopy through the SPGA its a no-kill shelter that keeps dogs until they find a home. They require you to pay a fee and sign a contract that for any reason if one cannot keep the animal they must return to the rescue. Even if the dog has a negative disposision they will still take them in.

I have seen some pretty scary rescue places, but this one is pretty nice. Lots of space to romp and play. Big indoor kennels and volunteers to walk and love the dogs.

Only downside is they do not neuter the males. Females are spayed but when it comes to neutering male dogs over here people seem really upset that anyone would do this to a male dog. (My theory is just another example of the patriarchal mindset over here.) Anyway, to date Snoop still has his is unbelievably expensive here. So he is not humpping anything other than the other frustrated male dogs and there are many. He is however very polite at home. We are saving up for the neutering cost. I for one cannot believe that it so taboo to do this.

On a bright note most dog owners I meet have gotten their babies from the same rescue place so it is comforting. People here are true dog lovers. The furries get to go everywhere and are a welcome sight for most people. I seen so many dogs in the department stores, bakeries, restaurants and such it is great. Most of us in the city rent flats and the landlords love dogs so no questions asked. Although if your dog is really rude you may be asked to get it some training or to move. But they give the benifit of the doubt to the dog before passing judgment.

Well that is all for know.
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