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Old 06-23-2009, 07:12 PM
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He always barks incessantly when he's in his crate, day or night, wether I'm in the room or out of the house completely. When ever I walk into the room, or he hears me open the door to the house he stops barking - I think he knows he shouldn't be barking but does it anyway. I've tried just about everything - putting treats in his crate and letting him walk in and out so he gets a positive association, I've put his kong toy (frozen and stuffed with peanut butter and treats), stuffed animals, bully sticks, etc in his crate with him to try and give him something to do, he likes to sleep in front of a fan so I put that pointing towards the crate, I've covered it, I've been in the room and ignored him, I've left the room, I've slept in the room with ear plugs in, I've made the crate smaller and put shirts that smell like me and Adam in there and nothing has worked! It's getting to be really hard because our neighbors are starting to complain - our next door neighbor (we live in a single family home by the way but we have to leave the window to the bedroom open because if we don't it will get way way way too hot in the house, not that that matters much because you can still hear him from outside with the windows closed) actually said today that neighbors four doors down have been complaining and that she is "gonna give us 6 months and then she's going to get us a shock collar." (she better be glad she told that to Adam when I wasn't here or else she would have gotten quite an earful I can tell you. The crying is during the day when most everyone is at work and never goes on for more than an hour, it's not like he's barking all night long.)

The whole thing is just so frustrating and I feel like it's kinda of a Catch-22 situation: we have to keep him in the crate even when he cries so he will get used to it, but we can sleep through the crying and the neighbors are starting to complain so we have to keep him out of the crate.

Not sure what to do....
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