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Old 06-17-2009, 03:59 PM
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Default Kittens

I love kitties-really I do.

But if I was to charge this crazy family next door for all the vet care and time I have put into there cat hoarding/breeding mess I would be comfy for a while.

One of the orange cats from the litter she gave me kittens from last year has been coming around but really skittish.She had liked this one so much she had said she was going to fix "him" so he could stay inside. I was hoping it was just worm belly cuz I didn't know if it was male or female. I heard they are moving so I was just going to let it go and see if maybe they took everyone with them.

Unloading the horses the other day from the trailer she decides to become super friendly and not want to leave. Acted scared to death of the horses but so badly wanted touched. Pick her up and she is skin and bones except for her giant belly.

Had her about a week now and she popped last night. Two oranges and three mostly black calicos.

So now I have six more cats I am going to have to pay to fix out of pocket. Oddly enough we are taking another one we got from her in to get fixed tomorrow so now I get to see if he can give me a package deal to beat our spay and neuter service.

At least I know they won't dump these or let them get killed. They have been supporting our local coyote population lately.

I still haven't found my good digi cam-starting to think someone might have stolen it out of my truck and I didn't realize it at the time because it is nowhere and I have a habit of leaving it unlocked. So phone pics it is.

So if anyone wants a kitten or knows anyone who wants one let me know! I usually just want forty bucks to go towards shots and alter. But honestly its been so hard to find homes lately I don't care

Mom is so sweet. She just wants to snuggle all the time and she deserves a great home.

She has issues with the litter box though. Maybe its cuz she was pregnant but she usually goes in it but sometimes goes right outside it. and then will scoop out litter to cover it up! I have been buying bigger and bigger boxes and I think it doesn't get any bigger now. Any hints? Its nothing horrible since at least she tries but its gonna be hard to find her a home like that!

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