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Old 06-10-2009, 08:34 AM
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Default Help! Evil Cat!

I need some enrichment activities for Ticheli. He's driving me insane! I know that "evil" is probably a bit harsh a word, but as much as I LOVE this cat... some of this nonsense has just GOT TO STOP!!

To give a small idea of his recent antics...

-dragging dirty laundry out of the upstairs hamper and scattering the clothes all over the downstairs (at which point Morgan typically tries to eat them)

-knocking over our metal, heavy, lidded kitchen trashcan and shredding the liner, spreading trash all over the house

-jumping on the counter, knocking things off the counter, trying to eat things on the counter

-yanked down one potted plant that was HANGING FROM THE CEILING

-scratching on furniture

-SCREAMING to be fed, and not just at mealtimes


I know it's the season for cabin fever, but SERIOUSLY!!

I know how help Morgan entertain himself, but I am completely out of ideas for this cat. He has about a gajillion toys (not to mention Morgan's toys that he likes to play with), a post to scratch on, a birdfeeder outside the window he can watch, another cat and a dog to play with... what else can I do??

He's always been a bit of a terror, but he has never been THIS destructive/insane before. Usually when he's doing something he's not supposed to, a simple "leave it", "get down", or "quit it!" is plenty to get him to stop. Nowadays he just ignores us, and the stunts are getting worse (example: the ceiling plant).

What kind of fun things can I set up for him?!? Or even some training tips/tricks to redirect his behavior... Anything! Help!
~ Cynthia ~
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