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Old 06-06-2009, 08:47 PM
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1. Is it OK to only have 1 cat..will it get lonely without any other kitty friends? kittens are on sale at the shelter for $35 for 2
I think its okay, when we had Panda he was happiest as an only cat. Elliot seems pretty happy being an only cat aswell.

3. Kitten or adult cat? Im going to be adopting from the shelter. which do you think its best?
i suppose it depends what your after. Its been 10 years since I had a kitten and I enjoy calm older cats.

4. What is a good kind of litter/box? ill be living in an apartment
Elliot has a covered over one (because otherwise he can't aim properly and misses the box) it cost about $40 but its worth its weight in gold, blocks the smell quite well aswell.

5. i dont want it to be bored..what kinds of toys and things should I buy?
Scracthing post is a must or you'll loose your furniture. Elliot has nearly no prey drive, which is weird, but most cats seem to enjoy chasy toys.

6. People with they like you? do they cuddle with you? my cats just kind of hang around.. but maybe thats because they are indoor/outdoor and weren't really raised with us. I want a loving pet

Depends on teh breed/cat. Panda was probably ideal for me. He was very independant, he was dead quiet unless he was asking for food. He would occasioanlly sit beside me but always on his terms. His mother was a purebred British Shorthair and she gave him his bossy, brit nature that I love.

Elliot is a siamese. He's so different. Its like having a baby. He lives for his people, he is so, so attached to us. Sometimes he gets very distressed if he can't find us. When he's indoors he likes to be in your lap or on your hip being carried like a baby. He's exhausting at times just because of how needy he is. Is he loving? Absolutly.

This is Elliot, we got him just after we lost Panda. He was 9 years old and left in a shelter because his owners were moving. They're loss, we're so lucky to have him.

He knows how to relax.

He's demanding...

And this photo because I think it makes him look like he's dancing and it cracks me up everytime.

Sorry for the photo overload.

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